A range of freely-available tools and learning resources to assist comminution engineers.


This presentation concentrates on Drill-and-Blast terminology as well as the basics behind how blasting causes size reduction (fragmentation). The history of modelling of the resulting RoM is described together with an outline of the developments of blast modelling at the JKMRC which lead to the ground-breaking work in this field. In line with the introductory nature of this series of seminars, its aim is to help Minerals Processors who may have had limited exposure to Drill-and-Blast.

About this series

This is a 3-part series of presentations for Minerals Processors to provide an introduction to the understanding of, and tools necessary to conduct Mine-to-Mill programmes from a blasting and comminution perspective. Its aim is to provide the basics for Minerals Processors to help them achieve a successful outcome.

The 3 parts are entitled:

  1. The influence of feed size on AG/SAG milling
  2. An introduction to blasting
  3. Changing AG/SAG feed size through blasting

As far as possible use is made of data and information from published papers.



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